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Current Projects

Turn Me Loose (Regional Productions, Broadway Bound)


TURN ME LOOSE tracks the incredibly complex life and career of Dick Gregory, one of the most politically ground breaking African American comedians of our time. As the narrative shifts between past and present, Joe Morton (Papa Pope on Scandal) powerfully portrays Dick Gregory’s journey from pioneering Black American comic to courageous Civil Rights Activist. The play investigates Gregory’s highly emotional relationship with Medgar Evers who was the main influence leading Dick to sacrifice a lucrative entertainment career for Activism. Peppered with Gregory’s hysterical and poignant humor this play shows just how prophetic Dick’s controversial views actually were and how relevant many of his thoughts are to America today. 

Ain't Too Proud (On Broadway 2019)


Ain’t Too Proud - The Life and Times of The Temptations in its pre-Broadway engagement. Directed by two-time Tony Award winner Des McAnuff and choreographed by Olivier Award winner Sergio Trujillo, Ain’t Too Proud is a musical that follows The Temptations’ extraordinary journey from the streets of Detroit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. With their signature dance moves and unmistakable harmonies, they rose to the top of the charts creating an amazing 42 Top Ten Hits with 14 reaching number one. Through friendship and betrayal amid the civil unrest that tore America apart, their moving and personal story still resonates five decades later. 

Inside The Singer's Voice (In Development)


 If you had a short amount of time with one of the best vocal singers, what would you discover about their voice, their music, their life? 

In the vein of Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton, award-winning singer and vocal coach Jeremiah Abiah sits down with notable artists who have impacted the music industry to explore their approach to song and performance. 

Inside the Singer’s Voice (ITSV) is a series of candid 1-1 conversations with Great Singers about Great Singing. In an era where technology often over shines talent, ITSV seeks to unveil the glossy veneer of the music industry and better understand the artist and their most intimate process…singing. 

That Crazy Gay Guy (In Development)


That Crazy Gay Guy is an ambush game show crossed with an issues oriented talk show shot in public. 

On each episode of That Crazy Gay Guy, the cast hits the streets to ambush unsuspecting people who are going about their everyday lives.  A rotating host convinces strangers to play a series of games for cash and prizes and before they know it, the contestants find themselves engaged in conversation about the weightier issues that are in the zeitgeist. 

Each episode features celebrity guests like Neil Patrick Harris, America Ferrera, and Ru Paul who join the fun. The gaming element is the onramp to engaging conversation about sexuality, gender, mental health and other issues.  

Tu Me Manques (Post Production)


In French you don-t really say “I miss you”. You say TU ME MANQUES, which means “You are missing from me”. JORGE, a homophobic, angry and wealthy businessman from Bolivia meets his son’s boyfriend over an accidental SKYPE chat after his suicide. He travels to New York looking for answers and to confront the man he blames for his family’s loss. SEBASTIAN, a grieving young man writes and produces a play, against all odds in their native country, about his deceased boyfriend and his homophobic father. GABRIEL, a young closeted Bolivian man finds love with another Bolivian man in New York but is pushed to suicide after his family finds out he is gay. Their stories, each set in a different time, gradually intertwine and finally come together in a surprising and transcendental moment of shared recognition that affects and changes the lives of an entire society in their country. Theirs is a story that belongs to many, if not all men and women, gay and straight. About two opposing generations of men who fight over the love of a man and realize what it means to be a man, to love like a man, to love like a father, like a son, beyond death. 

Jitney (2019 LORT National Tour)


The 1982 play takes place in 1977 inside a car-service dispatch in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, the vibrant but troubled black neighborhood where most of Mr. Wilson’s plays are set. It’s a run-down place where the drivers sit on a worn couch to gossip and wait for fares, and where family demons between the company’s owner and his ex-con son come out to play. Much of Mr. Gallo’s back story for the office is based on his own conversations with Mr. Wilson, who died in 2005, for the original 2000 New York production of “Jitney,” which he also designed.


Winner of the 2017 Best Revival of a Play Tony® Award 

“Joyfully Intoxicating. A glorious and vital celebration, with an impeccably tuned ensemble.” – New York times 

“A Thrilling Journey!” – Time Out New York 

“Grade A. A gem of a play, both timely and timeless.” – Entertainment Weekly   

Viva Verdi (Currently in Post Production)


VIVA VERDI! is a documentary FILM that captures the extraordinary stories of tragedy and triumph, love lost and won from the marvelously eccentric artistic residents of Casa Verdi, a retirement home built by renown Opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, Italy’s most notable composer who willed his vast fortune to build a distinctive retirement home for musicians and artists in Milan, Italy. VIVA VERDI! is an intimate documentary journey uncovering the rich and diverse stories of these living treasures who call Casa Verdi home and the international music students who are mentored by and live among them. Over 120 years ago, Verdi created this ground-breaking residence for aging musicians and young music students that is a lesson in healing mind, body and spirit. With stories of romance, tragedy and triumph abounding from these living treasures, it’s easy to see Verdi’s vision is not only alive and well but thriving---a life-affirming reminder of how music moves us at a fundamental level; how nurturing artistic expression can be life-enhancing and nourishing to the spirit at any age; and how one distinctive retirement home saved thousands of lives. 

Day Dream (In Development)


DAY DREAM explores the lives and experiences of two legends: Buddy Bolden, the forefather of jazz who performed in New Orleans at the turn of the century and spent the last twenty-four years of his life in a mental institution, and Billy Strayhorn, the renowned and openly gay composer of the1940’s and 50’s who wrote many of The Duke Ellington Orchestra’s classic tunes. The film will investigate the ways that alienation, improvisation and freedom were integral to the lives of these iconoclastic men and the ways that these themes were central motifs within the music they created. Rather than conforming to the traditional form and structure of the conventional biopic, the film will be a stylized fantasia incorporating a surreal aesthetic which will allow the two central characters to come to grips with their own internal struggles and romantic desires. The portrait of Bolden situates him in the context of the turn of the century milieu of the Storyville section of New Orleans, a town rampant with prostitution, drinking, wild musical energy and intra-racial class conflicts between Blacks and Creoles. The pressure to create combined with his excessive drinking leads Strayhorn to question his own mental stability. Utilizing a Citizen Kane-like structure the film follows Strayhorn as he encounters different people and the pieces of Bolden’s life slowly fall into place. As the film juxtaposes different scenes from each of the men’s lives, the parallels start to crystallize as we slowly begin to empathize with the dilemmas that Bolden and Strayhorn face in their quest to find emotional and professional fulfillment. 

Black Swallow (In Development)


BLACK SWALLOW is a sweeping tale of adventure, intrigue and personal triumph in the face of adversity. Based on the true story of Eugene Jacques Bullard, an American, and the world’s first combat aviator of African descent who served as a French Foreign Legionnaire, became a jazz musician, a boxer and who went on to become a member of the elite 170th Battalion (the airmen known as The Swallows of Death). 

This feature chronicles the life of a man who achieved greatness starting with a destitute beginning in the American South from the late 1880’s through his extraordinary trek through Europe and back to the U.S. in the 1960’s. 

St Felicia of Jersey City (In Development)


For Rosa Morales, nothing has been the same since the death of her eldest son, Ernesto. Things with her surviving son, Angel, have deteriorated into constant argument. And matters between she and husband Pedro are no better. So, what’s a housewife do? Call on the Spirits for help. And indeed, help arrives when a real live saint – Saint Felicia of the Great Washed – pays a visit. Rosa is convinced that Saint Felicia will set everything right. That is, until she discovers the love affair that has blossomed between the saint and her son. Set in present-day, working-class Latino neighborhood, Saint Felicia of Jersey City explores parental love, spirituality, loss, devotion, and the perilous terrain of desire. The screenwriter was accepted into the Sundance Screenwriters’ Intensive to develop the script. 

Entangled (Currently In Production)


Entangled follows a group of University nerds whose scientific curiosity leads them to an entangled parallel existence that makes them wonder who they are and what is real. As a result of this parallel universe, the students are left questioning their lives, their relationships, their existence, and who they truly are. AMY, DANNY, LORETTA and GERRY have bonded around ‘anomaly science’ experiments testing ideas from telepathy to the weird implications of advanced physics, but always in the spirit of fun and adventure. One Saturday night, as they try out a new gadget, Loretta dies in a tragic accident. Two months later Amy and the recovering Danny are beginning a relationship when Loretta reappears with no idea she is ‘dead’. The experiment – an eccentric stab at quantum entanglement and parallel universes - worked out, with all its monumental implications. But as Gerry, Danny and Amy begin to encounter their parallel universe-selves, it emerges that only the true version of themselves will be able to survive. 

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