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Consulting Service Offerings


SimonSays Team of Experts

Our leadership team and collaborative partners provide best in class creative, consulting services including:

· Entertainment Coaching

· Creative Development

· Producing Strategies

· Business Strategy and Outcomes

· Implementation Plans

· Marketing and Branding Expertise

· Script Review

· Story Development

· Fundraising

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Entertainment Package

A Strategic document covering:

• Structural planning for your film, television or broadway project

• Negotiating distribution deals

• Festivals and Awards preparation

• Financing and Grants  

• Investor Packages 

• Return on Investment

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Entertainment and Business Package

Elements from the Entertainment Package PLUS a Business Summary document covering:

• Introduction, Problem and Solution

• Market Growth, Demand, and Competition

• Diagnostic Themes, General Recommendations

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Ron Simons

A consulting session with expert Ron Simons can be a general informational session to a strategy session  to getting a project/production ready or “sellable.”

Ron answers topics such as:

• How to prepare your film for festivals

• Where to find money to make your film or play

• How to find legal representation and how to work with lawyers

• Is there a need for a sales representative and what do they do

• How to structure the back-end points for a deal

• How much to spend on casting and when to hire a casting director

• How to package a project

• What is a Look Book and what should it include

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Script Direction

Receive  documented input for scripts in development, pre-and post- production with the following:

• Script Analysis:  evaluation of where the script is in its development and what might be the necessary next steps.

• Dramaturgy: covers structure, timeline, narrative clarity,  character development and related structural issues. 

• Script Development: ways to package the script as well as information about more developmental avenues for the work.

• Script Doctoring: adding clarity to the narrative to make it a “shootable” script.

• Outline of Storyline, Tempo, Story Arc, Realism, Message,  and SimonSays Summary.

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Business Strategy

 Business Summary document covering:

• Business Objective

• Story Summary

• Introduction, Problem and Solution

• Market Growth, Demand, and Competition

• Marketing, Target Audience

• Diagnostic Themes, General Recommendations

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Ron's 2018 Columbia John Jay Award Acceptance Speech

Since 1978, the John Jay Awards honor Columbia College alumni for distinguished professional achievement.  Ron Simons received this award in March, 2018. 


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